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Universities, Colleges and other Medical Educational Providers

We would love to hear from you if you are a representative from any of the educational facilities mentioned here.

The aim of our tailored membership packages is to increase the standards of care and recognition that anyone who practices Phlebotomy deserves. We can achieve this more effectively by working together towards our aim.

While creating a seamless strategy for our partnerships to work, we are sure that we can build on the reputation of education providers. In addition, we can offer services which might fall outside of course content already provided.

Because we encourage lifelong learning and firmly believe that anyone and everyone has the opportunity learn something new, we put a lot of resources into educating our members. As a result, we have found that their most valuable asset is to have a platform to share their own stories, and individual experiences and most importantly they can be used more effectively to help shape the future and expand the knowledge of trainees in the medical industry today and in the future.