Paediatric Phlebotomy Training

Our Paediatric Phlebotomy Training course has been designed to elevate your knowledge and expertise as a qualified phlebotomist.

  • Description

    Understand the importance of paediatric phlebotomy in healthcare.

    Comprehend the unique challenges of paediatric phlebotomy.

    Demonstrate proficiency in phlebotomy techniques for paediatric patients.

    Ensure patient safety and comfort during the phlebotomy process.

    Familiarise with legal and ethical considerations.

    Utilise appropriate equipment and technology.

    Develop communication and interpersonal skills.

    Respond to potential complications and emergencies.

  • Topics

    1. Consent
    2. Patient preparation
    3. Therapeutic holding
    4. Total blood volume and maximum collection volume
    5. Pain relief
    6. Anaesthetics
    7. Clinical relevance
    8. Health & Safety
    9. Equipment & consumables
    10. Procedure best practice
    11. Performance Criteria
  • Learning Outcomes

    1. Recognise the importance of phlebotomy in a variety of settings.
    2. Understand the equipment used during venepuncture. 
    3. Identify risks involved in venepuncture.
    4. Demonstrate an understanding of infection control and health and safety principles in relation to phlebotomy practice.
    5. Differentiate between arteries and veins.

How does it work?

Are you an experienced phlebotomist looking to enhance your expertise and open new doors in your career? Look no further!

Our specialised Paediatric Phlebotomy Training is designed exclusively for skilled phlebotomists like you, aiming to provide you with the knowledge and techniques required to excel in the field of paediatric blood collection.

Secure your place on this course by browsing through the calendar and selecting a date that suits your busy schedule.