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Insurance Cover for Phlebotomists

Ultimately, we care about your protection, so we have included insurance within your annual membership cost.

Insurance Cover for Phlebotomists

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Why is it important for a Phlebotomist to be insured?

First of all, as a phlebotomist or aspiring private practitioner, you must have a steady hand and an eye for precision. These are the skills you require to properly collect blood from patients. 

Regrettably, one simple mistake such as a misidentifying or contaminating the blood sample could result in a misdiagnosis or inaccurate treatments given to the patient afterwards. Arguably, that's why you must ensure that all equipment is properly sanitised before it is used to collect blood and implement accurate labelling, storage, and transport techniques and finally, this is why you must be covered by insurance. 

In addition to this, there is the art of drawing blood to consider. There are strict safety protocols to avoid direct contact with the blood you must follow to protect yourself and others from hazardous materials. Of course, as a phlebotomist, you can perform venepuncture in no time. But, many infectious diseases, including HIV and hepatitis, can be transmitted through blood. Even a moment's distraction can cause a "needle stick" injury and chance of infection.

With all these possible risks surrounding the phlebotomy profession, it's no wonder private phlebotomist need to take precautions to ensure the success of their business and reputation. Whether you offer your services to hospitals, laboratories, schools, sports organisations, businesses, or donation centres, you need a risk management plan that protects your bank account if a liability claim arises.

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