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£165 per year

Our Premium Membership Package offers fantastic services to help enhance your role as a Phlebotomist

Whether you are a freelance Phlebotomist, or any person undertaking the private practice of Phlebotomy, excel in your career by making the most of these fantastic benefits.

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Insurance Cover for Phlebotomists

You will not find a better value Membership Package, inclusive of insurance cover, in anywhere in the UK

Includes Medical Malpractice Cover

Includes Public Liability Cover


English Language Support for Phlebotomists

If English isn't your first language and you could benefit from additional support, look no further.

Feel free to get in touch to benefit from our English Language resources, specific to the Phlebotomy industry. We offer a range of resources waiting to be used.

If you are a Premium Members, email with your membership number to arrange this benefit with one of our specialists. 


Phlebotomy Career Support

Our Premium Career Support options make this package stand out from the rest.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) review and creation

Cover letter support and creation

Interview preparation

Job application support

Business start-up workshops

Work experience opportunities

Community forum coming soon!


Newsletters for Phlebotomists

Our regular Newsletters enable our members to stay up to date with all things Phlebotomy.

Learn about the latest medical news, clinical guidance, legislation changes in Phlebotomy, developments in healthcare, real life experiences of Phlebotomists as well as members of the public,  our charity events and health fairs and much, much more.


NHS Interview Preparation for Phlebotomists

If you are looking for a job within the NHS let us help you to prepare.

With vast experience of the requirements that the NHS needs from their employees, we can help build your confidence so that you can demonstrate how your skills and personal attributes meet those requirements.

If you are a Premium Member, email with your membership number to arrange this benefit with one of our specialists.


National Directory for Phlebotomists

Introducing the UK's first ever National Directory of Phlebotomists.

The National Directory of Phlebotomists has been designed to create a one-stop-shop for finding Phlebotomy work based on your location.

As a member, you have the ability to opt-in or opt-out of the Directory at any stage to suit your work-life balance.

More details to follow, check back again soon!

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If you are already part of this reward-filled package and want to make the most of the benefits you are entitled to, send us an email to along with your member number and name and we will get things arranged with our specialists. As always, we welcome any suggestions about things that you would like to see included in our offerings!