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£35 per year

We have designed this package entirely for healthcare professionals

Phlebotomists, Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Paramedics, Ambulance Technicians, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists etc. Joining this membership package will reward you with benefits which have all Phlebotomy related workers in mind. 

Phlebotomy Career Support


We understand the value of career support and development. We will provide support with CV writing as well as cover letters and job application guidance whenever our members need it, as well as being here for you whenever you need that extra support. 


Our quarterly Newsletters enable our members to stay up to date with all things Phlebotomy. Learn about the latest medical news, clinical guidance, legislation changes in Phlebotomy, developments in healthcare, real life experiences of Phlebotomists as well as members of the public,  our charity events and health fairs and much, much more.



Newsletters for Phlebotomists
National Directory for Phlebotomists


The National Directory of Phlebotomists has been designed to create a one-stop-shop for finding Phlebotomy work based on your location. 

As a member, you have the ability to Opt-in or opt-out of the National Directory at any stage to suit your work-life balance.

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