Our fantastic Membership Package offers services to help enhance your role as a Phlebotomist for just £165 per year.


You will not find a better value Membership Package, inclusive of insurance cover, anywhere in the UK.

  • Includes Medical Malpractice Cover
  • Includes Public Liability Cover

With all the possible risks surrounding the Phlebotomy profession, it’s no wonder private Phlebotomists need to take precautions to ensure their success and reputation. Whether you offer your services to hospitals, laboratories, schools, sports organisations, businesses, or donation centres, you need a risk management plan that protects you if a liability claim arises.


Credibility. That’s one thing an employer looks for when selecting the right candidate for their growing team. Being pro-active and joining membership organisations which show your commitment to advancing in your career goes a long way. When joining us, you will receive a membership certificate in various formats, for you to display in a setting that suits you best, as well as a pin badge to add to your uniform. 


If you are looking for a job within the NHS let us help you to prepare.

With vast experience of the requirements that the NHS needs from their employees, we can help build your confidence so that you can demonstrate how your skills and personal attributes meet those requirements.

If you are already a Premium Member, email with your membership number to arrange this benefit with one of our specialists.


Our Premium Career Support options make this package stand out from the rest.

Professional development is something we are most proud of here at The Phlebotomy Centre so the benefits of this package reflect it: 

  • Provide you with job application guidance
  • 1-2-1 or group interview preparation sessions
  • Chance to meet like minded practitioners
  • Business start up support including logo/branding design 


Our regular Newsletters enable our members to stay up to date with all things Phlebotomy.

Learn about the latest medical news, clinical guidance, legislation changes in Phlebotomy, developments in healthcare, real-life experiences of Phlebotomists as well as members of the public, our charity events, health fairs and much, much more.