Completed training and looking to get started with live bloods? Or maybe you perform venepuncture rarely so have little requirement to purchase extra stock! 


This pack includes delivery charge. 


This pack contains the supplies to succesfully perform 4 blood draws. 


  • 5 x Safety Needles
  • 5 x Blood Tubes 
  • 5 x Tourniquets
  • 5 x Pairs Nitrile Gloves
  • 5 x Apron
  • 5 x Plasters
  • 5 x Skin Cleansing Wipes 
  • 5 x Surface Cleansing Wipes 


Please note that face masks are adivsed but not included in this pack. 


You must ensure you have a safe method of disposing of sharps before purchasing this kit. If you haven't already got a sharps bin or waste removal facility, please speak with your local health centre, pharmacy or GP to obtain a solution to meet safety standards. By sucessfully purhcasing this kit, you are informing us that the above requirement is met. 

Venepuncture Starter Kit (5 Procedures)

Blood Tube Colour