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Childrens Difficult Venous Access Tourniquet

Childrens Difficult Venous Access Tourniquet

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Vacuderm for Kids Smart Vein Inflator/Tourniquet is a unique, single-patient children’s tourniquet, designed to distract the child during cannulation, drug delivery and blood collection procedures, and for the child to ‘assist’ the procedure and pump the dome. It can also be used for children with difficult to reach veins, with unique suction and pump mechanism to aid further filling of the veins and increase the success rate of first attempt in venous access.


The Vacuderm for Kids, single-patient children’s vein inflator tourniquet, for distraction and for difficult to reach veins, has been designed in the UK by healthcare professionals and is part of a toolkit to aid intravenous needle insertion for cannulation, drug delivery and blood collection. When the dome is pumped several times, it enhances the tourniquet effect by producing a negative pressure. This causes the veins to fill and become pronounced, potentially improving vein location.


  • Has been developed based on practitioner experience on cannulation procedures performed on children
  • Cannulating a child is problematic, often requiring several medical staff and sometimes multiple attempts.
  • Better experience for children with poor vein access
  • Less stress and anxiety for the child, parents and the practitioners
  • Designed to reduce wastage, cost and time for hospitals
  • Designed to improve the success rate of first attempt venous access and reduce failed cannulations
  • Designed to reduce infection with less attempts to find veins
  • Easy-to-use, does not require modifications to existing practices
  • Eliminates the need for Vein Finders
  • The Vacuderm is soft and comfortable for the child
  • A curved ladder-effect strap to reduce pinching
  • Easy to tighten, grip and with unique release buckle mechanism
  • The material is recyclable and latex free
  • Class 1 medical device manufactured in the UK

Remember 4 golden rules for success:

  • Put on the right way below the elbow (arrow points towards the hand)
  • Pull really tightly on the strap to give good tourniquet effect (it will not pinch or break)
  • Pump slowly and gently towards the back of the dome until the veins inflate
  • Pull the quick release mechanism to take off

For a ‘How To Use’ Video click here.

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