Corporate Phlebotomy Training

Empower your team with essential clinical skills.

Are you looking to equip your workforce with valuable clinical expertise? Look no further than our Corporate Phlebotomy Training program. Designed specifically for businesses aiming to train their staff as proficient phlebotomists, our comprehensive course offers hands-on training, expert instruction, and certification tailored to meet your business needs.

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Who can benefit?

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, clinics, and medical practices can ensure that their staff possess the necessary phlebotomy skills to provide quality patient care and support efficient laboratory operations.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Companies offering wellness services can enhance their offerings by training staff to perform blood draws for health screenings, vaccination programs, and employee wellness initiatives.


If you already offer injectable services, and you're looking to expand your business services, you may consider training your team in phlebotomy to aid with common aesthetic practices such as PRP.

Research Institutions

Laboratories and research facilities can equip their team with phlebotomy skills essential for specimen collection, processing, and analysis in various research projects and clinical trials.

Non-Profit Organisations

Charitable organisations conducting health outreach programs can train volunteers to provide basic phlebotomy services in underserved communities, promoting health equity and access to care.

  • Not just practical

    Corporate Phlebotomy Training is not restricted to Practical skills.

    Our bespoke quotes also include phlebotomy refresher courses, eLearning solutions, competency assessments and development plans and any other phlebotomy related needs your team or organisation has.

  • NHS Procurement

    We have been fortunate to deliver our corporate training directly to the NHS. We travel to you, making arranging time for your team to attend training easier than ever.

    Our success rate with NHS providers has meant that standards of patient care is increasing. Knowledge is being shared and staff feel better prepared for those difficult to bleed patients.

  • Any industry

    Whether you operate in the NHS, private healthcare services, pharmaceuticals, research, or any other industry where blood collection is a necessity, investing in the training of your staff can significantly enhance efficiency, compliance, and patient care.

Why choose us

We are the only CQC Accredited and NHS Student Placement facility in the UK and our Range of CPD Accredited, NHS Approved Phlebotomy Training has been designed to suit all skillsets and abilities with no clinical experience required.